Building a Digital Europe


Open Banking Europe is an initiative developed by PRETA, EBA Clearing’s subsidiary
created in 2013 to develop and innovate market competitive services in digital
payment and identity solutions.



EBA CLEARING & PRETA have been delivering successfully with banks in Europe for over 10 years.


PRETA has ability to reach all countries in the EU today, through existing relationships, trust and operational branches. 


Our experts are connected within EU for interfaces, Regulatory Practices, and International Standards Organisations.  


Design Decisions made by consensus and priority, so Europe’s stakeholders can agree on standards before we all build XS2A.


The term “Open Banking” generally refers to the way in which Banks can expose data and services via interfaces (generally APIs) to service providers or third parties who act on behalf of the customer who owns the account.

Open Banking in Europe is being pushed by the European Commission as part of a digital agenda to open up services, provide choice and competition, and allow innovation in the market.

  • PSD2 Access to Account is a mandatory regulatory component, where all institutions that offer payment accounts, must offer an access to regulated third parties with no contracts. Going beyond the regulatory compliance, Open Banking is a strategic line of business.
  • During 2018, our focus is regulatory compliance, but with the understanding of the broader perspective.

Achieving regulatory compliance is not trivial. Institutions must be aware of the PSD2 itself, eleven different Technical Standards and Guidelines published by the EBA, technical concepts around APIs and Certificates as well as related regulations (eIDAS and GDPR) not to mention national transposition timelines, and national register formats.

The European Retail Payments Board (ERPB) has raised concerns about interoperability as well as coming out with several recommendations.

Open Banking Europe provides :

  • A central repository of information relating to Access to Account.
  • Holistic overview of how the internal and external elements of an Open Banking project fit together.
  • Expertise on how national regulatory data can be used between and across countries for Access to Account.
  • Essential directory services needed to check regulatory information.
  • Essential directory services needed to exchange operational information.

For clarity, Open Banking Europe does not provide API standards or API software. 

The PRETA OBE Approach

SME Group Engagements & Regulatory Analysis

On behalf of OBE Stakeholders, PRETA engages with:

  • All PSP communities
  • All Solution Providers
  • EC & ECB via ERPB
  • Member State Regulators
  • International Standards Bodies
  • Interface Design Organisations


Design & Standardisation: Handbook & Miniguides

Taking topics and turning them into digestible formats for all PRETA OBE Stakeholders to read, absorb and baseline, enabling common approaches and standardisation reviews on the PRETA OBE data, services and industry models.


Test Data & Reference Implementations

Agile design: PRETA Open Banking Europe creates demo data, services and UI tools to help articulate concepts and models more
clearly for all audiences. All Stakeholders can get beta play and test’, to make sure all actors are aligned.


Community Review & Pan-EU Alignment

Continuous Updates, education and Group sessions in order to ensure that each Stakeholder has the same level of information as each other and can make informed decisions for review or group sign-off.

Standards publication in 2018.