After a transaction there is always an amount of reporting and follow up and in some cases there can be revocations and disputes.

  • The ASPSP reports transactions to the PSU via account statements on paper, web or mobile channels. This may include the fact that the payment was an initiated via a TPP.
  • The PSU may contest a transaction, which can then lead the bank to follow up with the TPP.
    A transaction may fail, and lead a TPP (or the PSU) to complain to the ASPSP that the interface is not working properly.

In these cases there needs to be a (secure) method of communication between the different parties and a level of standardisation about what information is to be sent between each party. Above all there needs to be an agreed identification and referencing system, so that each party can recognise who the other party is, and how to reply to them, as well as basic contact information about where they an be reached.

The PRETA directory provides the identification system, and contact information between the parties.