Introducing Open Banking Europe

The Open Banking Europe (OBE) scope in a glance.

Open Banking Europe Participants list

Here is the list of the financial institutions and service providers participating in the Open Banking Europe initiative.

Directory: Short Product Description

This document provides a synthetic description of PRETA’s Open Banking Europe Directory, responding to the main questions about the aim and scope of the Directory.

PRETA OBE Directory FAQs

The PRETA Open Banking Europe Directory Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document provides the answers to common questions about the Open Banking Europe (OBE) Directory initiative.

The Access to Account lifecycle

The access to account lifecyle has five stages: registration and passporting, eIDAS certificates, setup, interfaces and Sca, revocation and disputes. We have analysed what is behind each of them compiling documents from different resources.

National Registers

The list of all national registers in one place.


Qualified certificates are issued by QTSPs. Here you will find the certificate standards, requirements and timeline developed by ETSI as well as the official list of QTSPs in the EU.


The Regulatory, National and European Timelines showing the European Standards implementation, National Regulatory Framework upgrades and ASPSPs interfaces.

Directory Testing Sandbox

The sandbox available for those who are registered and want to test the directory APIs and functionalities.

Guide: Registration & Passporting

This guide summarises the terminology and processes set out in the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) that are required to enable regulated entities (Payment Service Providers) to provide payment services, including Access to Account (XS2A), across Europe.

Guide: TPP User-Management

This guide summarises the considerations and processes that are necessary to enable Account Servicing Payment Services Providers (ASPSPs) to provide secure and controlled Access to Accounts (XS2A) Services to those Third Party Providers (TPPs) who want to offer the new Payment Services available in Europe under PSD2. It focuses on Internet Security, Controlled Access and TPP Onboarding.

Guide: Understanding Internet Security & eIDAS Certificates

This guide focuses on the standardisation of Electronic Identification, Authentication & Trust Services Regulation (eIDAS) Qualified Certificates for PSD2..

16/06/2017 - Press release : PRETA launches project to build PSD2 directory

Following a stakeholder consultation started in 2016 to determine industry requirements, PRETA commits to providing a compliance-driven directory solution to support market actors in meeting PSD2 access-to-account provisions.

19/03/2018 - Press release : 30 participants signed up to Open Banking Europe

PRETA announced today that 30 financial institutions and industry service providers have joined Open Banking Europe, an initiative launched by PRETA in June 2017 to respond to market needs for a centralised PSD2 directory.

8/06/2018 - Press release : PRETA launches the next phase to complete the Open Banking Europe PSD2 Directory

Following the work started in 2017 to prototype and start developing a directory for open banking services, PRETA announced today the launch of phase 2 of its Open Banking Europe (OBE) directory project.

2/10/2018 - Press release : Over 40 leading financial industry players support PRETA’s pan-European PSD2 access directory

PRETA announced today that over 40 major European financial institutions and service providers have signed up to fund and complete PRETA’s pan-European PSD2 access directory.