Summary of Open Banking Europe activities, January 2018

Dear Colleagues,

Below is a brief description of some of our activities in the month of January.

PSD2 went live! Well in most countries. And the access to account elements are still missing. But it’s still a milestone!

Directory status

The ERPB in its November report, has called for a “common, secure, resilient, reliable, and up to date operational directory”. PRETA, through Open Banking Europe will deliver this directory to support PSD2 access to account.

  • The Directory, that is now available for participant testing.
  • The Directory API which will allow Participants to verify that an entity is in fact regulated has been published.

Over the next months we will be focussing on the participation model, ready for onboarding in June.

New Open Banking Europe Participants

The number of participants to the program has increased, at the end of January we had 25 participants in 17 countries, with more coming through in the first two weeks of February.

We have our first Service Providers who have joined the program. Service providers will provide access to banks behind them, and so are an important part of the ecosystem. The program gives them early access to the directory API, the documentation, the country book analysis on national registers, and a chance to check requirements.

Stakeholder Engagement

The Open Banking Europe Steering Groups and Technical working groups have met to discuss the Directory API. Working groups are held with ASPSPs and Service Providers

We also discussed and met with a number National Competent Authorities on the subject of the registration of TPPs and the publication of registries.

We are now seeing our first TPPs entered published in national registers. A number of meeting with TPPs have been scheduled for February to ensure that the directory can also meet their needs.

A reminder: QTSPs are active in Europe: check here for the list.

PRETA also participated in ERPB PIS WG, Identity group and Berlin Group meetings.

In January 2018, we have agreed to participate in a number of events to have all our stakeholders in one place and give the chance to network, exchange and develop together OBE Directory.

  • 23rd January Finastra “The Big Debate: Friend or Foe? The Open Banking Revolution”.
  • 8th Feb: Finextra webinar about the challenges and opportunities of PSD2 and Open Banking.
  • 14th / 15th March European Payment Summit, the Hague.
  • 20th March ETSI & Open Banking Europe workshop, Nice. See below.


The ETSI PSD2 eIDAS specification was published for public consultation, here. Open Banking Europe has organized a joint one-day conference with ETSI. The event will bring together in one place all PSD2 stakeholders and takes place before the end of the PSD2 eIDAS Certicate consultation.

We look forward to meeting you in Nice,

OBE team


[1] https://docbox.etsi.org/ESI/Open/Latest_Drafts/ts_119495v000003_for-public-review.pdf