OBE Update: moving from Phase 1 to Phase 2

6-month after PSD2 went live, we are pleased to give you a short status update on the Open Banking Europe work as we move from Phase 1 to Phase 2. In a nutshell, things are going very well!

  • We have a working directory in place. We have completed testing scripted testing with banks and service providers, and we have a good delivery plan for the future.
  • We are now entering in the Phase 2! For the Phase 2, over 40 participants are ready to join.
  • The latest ERPB PIS report validates our approach, and our work is in line with the recent clarification papers from the EBA. You can read the whole report here.

Going beyond the directory, we now start looking at the conformance workstream, for which there is a clear demand.

Phase 1 activities completed

Testing activities:

PRETA Open Banking Europe recently conducted testing of the OBE Directory with Phase 1 ASPSPs and Service Providers. It consisted of both free and scripted testing over a four week period, and covered the Directory’s core components, including Regulatory Data retrieval and display, notifications, and downloads, using both the dedicated APIs and the GUI.

Following this thorough testing by OBE Participants, a number of issues were raised and fixed, ensuring that the OBE Directory and Participants’ implementations operate in accordance with the OBE technical and business requirements and that Participants can rely on the OBE Directory to verify the access rights of European PSPs  in an automated manner.

OBE Directory V2.0:

On Monday 2nd July, the Version 2.0 of the OBE Directory was released to accommodate the lessons learned from testing.  The Project will now move on to a second Phase in order to further develop and enhance the OBE Directory.

Phase 2 Activities

  • Completion of documents and collateral that define the Directory service;
  • The development of the Directory will continue during this phase with integration of regulated entities from the national registers as they become available and compliant;
  • The implementation of helpdesk and other operational infrastructure needed for onboarding and support as defined;
  • We will both be running ongoing PRETA testing, penetration testing, performance testing, and testing with the banks and service providers who wish to be helped through a formal integration;
  • There will be a sign off process for national registers.
  • Directory Distributors will be onboarded into the (future) Production environment.
  • PRETA will be dealing with those who are outside the program either because they are not eligible (TPPs, NCAs, QTSPs) or because they have not joined yet (ASPSPs and Service Providers). This includes bilateral meetings, country groups, conferences and media.

In order to learn more about the aims and scope of the Directory, take a look to the short description.

PRETA conformance project

In the last two weeks the EBA has published a clarification paper on the RTS, and a consultation document on how NCAs will give exemptions to ASPSP, such that they do not have to build a fall back interface.

We have been discussing with our banks whether PRETA can provide a testing framework, and possibly a conformance program that will deliver

  1. harmonisation,
  2. practical testing,
  3. a conformance framework for getting exemptions.

The banks came with renewed enthusiasm around EBAday and we are now starting focusing on the conformance tool and Directory work.

For more information of the Directory and our work, visit the resources are