Call for PSD2 QTSPs: bringing the QTSP community to meet the financial community

On the 24th October 2018 at the ENISA Trust Services Forum – CA Day, Open Banking Europe announced the creation of a PSD2 QTSP Engagement group. This group aims to meet monthly to discuss and advise on practical topics related to using eIDAS for PSD2 Access to Account services.

As eIDAS is fairly new, and as PSD2 Access to account is new, there are a number of issues that need to be ironed out. This requires a dialogue between the QTSP community and the PSD2 PSPs. Topics range from commercial issues (who is actually offering PSD2 compliant eIDAS certificates), legal issues around liability and operational issues of how to integrated trusted lists into off the shelf products.

Nick Pope – speaking at the conference in Berlin said “In today’s world, digital security is the backbone of payments and banking. I’m pleased to play a part in bringing the providers of digital certificates together with the providers of financial services through  the Open Banking Europe initiative.”

If you are a QTSP and would like to get involved in this initiative, then please contact Nick Pope or register via www.openbankingeurope.eu.

About Open Banking Europe

Open Banking Europe (OBE) is a PRETA initiative launched in June 2017 with the aim of fostering innovation, competition and efficiency to increase consumer choice and enhance security for online payments in the EU.

To do that, Open Banking Europe brings market players together to turn regulatory requirements into operational reality and is working on providing the industry with PSD2 directory services

The full list of Account-Servicing Payment Service Providers (AS-PSPs) and Third Party Providers (TPPs) that have joined the initiative so far can be found here.


About Nick Pope

Nick Pope is vice chair of ETSI’s Technical Committee on Electronic Signatures & Infrastructures and was previously Principal Consultant in Thales advising banks and government on use of security products.


About PSD2 Access to Account

PSD2 Access to Account provisions demand that financial institutions open their accounts to third parties, and that qualified certificates that fall under the eIDAS regulation shall be used.

QTSPs (Qualified Trusted Service Providers) that are licensed (qualified) by national supervisory authorities to issue qualified digital certificates.