2016 Webinars summary and follow up

Last week, PRETA ran three webinars to explain their activities in supporting Banks and TPPs to implement PSD2. Over 100 participants from banks, banking associations, schemes, fintechs, consultancies, service providers associations, joined to listen and raise questions on the topic.

There is a broad consensus now that a PSD2 Access to Account will require a collaborative approach from the industry, and that many players will take a role in this space, from the ERPB to the service providers, to the national associations.

The webinars are part of an engagement exercise that seeks to find out whether there is a demand for PRETA to provide a PSD2 Compliance solution for Access to the Account, which helps all parties reduce costs and provide the security and certainty required to make Payment Initiation Services and Account Services work across Europe.

In the introduction it was highlighted that PRETA through its EBA CLEARING culture has a competence in this field to deliver efficient, reliable solutions within the collaborative space that work throughout Europe. As a matter of fact, PRETA has already delivered a solution that links together over 250 banks in six different countries, with MyBank.

There were many questions around exactly what the solution would look like, especially relating to the idea of API’s, the need for a robust directory service that would help ASPSPs recognise TPPs, and help TPPs find ASPSPs for the benefit of their relevant customers.

For next steps, PRETA will hold a “Virtual Table” where we can

– Invite comments and feedback on what has been said so far;
– Study the RTS when they are published, as well as the ongoing discussions that will occur among other industry level organisers and stakeholders;
– Publish updates periodically;
– Call for another round of Webinars in late September.

The download the presentation used during the webinars click here