Press release: PRETA goes live with the pan-European Open Banking Europe directory to support PSD2 compliance

April 03 2019

The list of events of Open Banking Europe

March 08 2019

Call for PSD2 QTSPs: bringing the QTSP community to meet the financial community

October 24 2018

Over 40 leading financial industry players support PRETA’s pan-European PSD2 access directory

October 04 2018

ETSI and PRETA cooperation agreement

August 29 2018

OBE Update: moving from Phase 1 to Phase 2

July 02 2018

LUXHUB will manage a copy of PRETA’s Open Banking Europe PSD2 directory

June 28 2018

PRETA launches the next phase to complete the Open Banking Europe PSD2 Directory

June 14 2018

Standard ETSI TS 119 495 is now available!

June 04 2018

What is the PSD2 Training about?

April 23 2018

Open Banking Europe PSD2 Executive Training

April 18 2018

eIDAS meets PSD2: taking stock of the event

April 05 2018

Press release: 30 participants signed up to Open Banking Europe

March 19 2018

14th and 15th March → Open Banking Europe at European Payment Summit

February 09 2018

Summary of Open Banking Europe activities, January 2018

February 07 2018

Conference March 20th: eIDAS meets PSD2. Securing access to financial services with qualified certificates

January 30 2018

Join us at Finextra webinar to prepare your organisation for success with PSD2 and Open Banking

January 23 2018

OBE at Finastra Universe in Paris

January 15 2018

Recap on 2017 and a look ahead in 2018

January 12 2018

Open Banking Europe, where do we stand now

December 01 2017

Webinar 3 – Understanding the PRETA solution for PSD2XS2A and open banking

November 20 2017

ETSI to start work on PSD2 certificates and publishes discussion documents

November 16 2017

Open Banking Europe Linkedin Page

November 16 2017

Understanding the PRETA solution for PSD2 XS2A and Open Banking

September 27 2017

PRETA launches project to build PSD2 directory

August 27 2017

PRETA holds working Group to discuss PSD2 Directory and other services

April 27 2017

European Payment Summit

March 27 2017

PRETA invited to join Ecommerce Europe’s online Payments Taskforce

March 27 2017

UK Open Banking group publishes first APIs

February 27 2017

Final Draft RTS published

February 27 2017

PRETA invited to join ERPB PIS working group

December 27 2016

PRETA joins Berlin group PSD2 standardisation initiative

December 27 2016

PRETA invited to join the UK CMA implementation entities’ PSD2 Advisory group

December 27 2016

PRETA presents at EBA’s Open Banking Working Group

November 21 2016

ERPB working group highlights stakeholder concerns on interoperability under PSD2

November 06 2016

PRETA at SIBOS 2016 in Geneva

September 30 2016

EBA publishes consultation on RTS for SCA

August 12 2016

2016 Webinars summary and follow up

August 02 2016

Register to our PSD2 engagement webinars!

July 13 2016

PRETA to investigate PSD2 access-to-account solution for FI compliance

June 06 2016