OBE Membership Program


The Membership Program was created to help the community find practical solutions to topics related to Open Banking and PSD2 and to provide key information to the different market stakeholders. Through this program, we want to help the financial industry harmonise, standardise and meet the expectations of the regulators and the market in terms of innovation, security and new services.

OBE provides a number of deliverables, based around dialogue in working groups, information sharing, showing leadership, that benefit the members. The topics and scope of the work that OBE is currently doing are provided in the Workplan.



  • Information sharing
  • Working group participation
  • OBE Publications
  • Education and Training
  • Advocacy
  • Members Promotion


  • Receive the latest information on Open Banking topics through a single channel.
  • Verify that your understanding of a topic is in line with that of the market around you.
  • Get advanced insights into the direction the Open Banking industry is moving.
  • Drive the direction of Open Banking activities at a strategic level.
  • Access resources and training material that can be used to educate colleagues.
  • Be recognised as one of the leading organisations contributing to the development of Open Banking.
  • Promote your organisation’s services.


How to join:

Currently, OBE holds four different Membership Working Groups. Follow the steps below:



1. Click to see the OBE Membership Offers:

2. Complete the OBE Membership Subscription.

3. Submit the OBE Membership Subscription to info@openbankingeurope.eu

For more information, please contact us.

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