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Open Banking Europe supports the regulatory aims of facilitating innovation,
competition and efficiency, giving consumers more choice and higher
security for online payments in the EU.

We do this by bringing market players together and turning regulatory
requirements into operational reality. At the heart of this
are the OBE directory services that will be the
trusted reference for the industry.

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Third Party Providers

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What's going on ?

Our resources provide you with the key concepts necessary to better understand PSD2 Access to Account.

Documents, slides, recorded webinars, country reports, bring together in one place the operational and security elements needed to comply with PSD2 XS2A and Open Banking.

The directory and connecting to its API, demonstrates how to verify the identity and the right to provide PSD2 services across 31 European registers.

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The access to account lifecycle

The access to account lifecyle has five stages. Firstly, both parties must be regulated and properly published in the Home Member State’s register. Then they must get a certificate. Then they must interact with the bank, to get documentation and test that all credentials work properly. At this point the actual Account Access can take place, with a real PSU initiating a payment or requesting Account Information. Finally there is always transaction follow up, whether simply reporting or whether disputes and reconciliations.





Each national regulator publishes data using their own formats their own terminology and their own rules and timetable.

Verifying Regulatory Access Rights of TPPs
The PRETA Open Banking Europe directory provides a single, standardised, trusted, machine readable source for all TPPs in Europe.

Storing and retrieving TPP operational Information
The PRETA Open Banking Europe directory provides a central repository for TPPs to put contact information, so that ASPSPs can notify them of changes, or contact them in case of incidents.

Storing and retrieving AS PSP Operational Information
The PRETA Open Banking Europe directory provides a central repository for ASPSPs to put operational information, such that TPPs can find the correct location of documentation, correct end points, not only for each bank, but for each brand and service.

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News and events

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